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Collective Impact

Linkando is the solution for future work and volunteering action. We enable collective impact for business and social applications.

Link & Do

Linkando is bridging the gap between Social Networking and Team Collaboration. We introduce Collaborative Networking.

Collective Action

Linkando facilitates the engagement with previously unknown people and knowledge needed to get missions accomplished.

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Innovative Change

Linkando enables the crowd to act. All communication, collaboration and knowledge in one place. Available for all contributors.

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Accelerated Impact

Linkando unfolds the emotional energy of people to get things done and contribute their skills to a common purpose.

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Linkando is connecting the dots!
It creates a new value chain for societal engagement and future work.

Sven Otto Littorin, former Swedish Minister of Employment

Business & Social

Many Connections. Many Applications. One Solution.

Business Collaboration

Efficiency and transparency are key for business decisions. Only an integrated platform like Linkando enables the seamless collaboration needed and allows you to measure the impact generated.

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Social Innovation

Social engagement requires dedication and skills which are rarely in the same place. Linkando brings the crowd together to impact global and regional challenge collectively.

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Software & Service

Speed up your channel sales.
Expand your market reach.
Do more with less.

Linkando is Software as a Service. Our team is serving you. Together we can accelerate the collective impact of your community.

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